Saturday, December 1, 2007

Mandy's BI - stripping wallpaper

Edith had a room with several layers of wallpaper that needed to be stripped. Mandy had the brilliant idea to use a clothing steamer, which you would normally use to get wrinkles out of an outfit while it's on the hanger. We held the steamer up to the wallpaper and the wallpaper peeled right off! It was fantastic! When I peeled the wallpaper off my kitchen, I tried water, water and vinegar, and DIF wallpaper stripping solution, and used a tool to punch holes through the wallpaper so the liquids could get through and used professional scrapers and was only getting it off in one inch pieces. I borrowed the steamer to strip wallpaper in the bathroom and the wallpaper came off in huge pieces. I vowed I will never strip wallpaper without a clothing steamer again! Try it!

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