Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Even though I have created a blog with pictures and a profile and everything, I am still not sure I like this whole blogging thing. I want to create a fake one from the point of view of my dog, but I thought that would be too dark and scary for the younger readers as my dog has anxiety issues, and then I thought about creating one from the point of view of my cat, but that would mostly be, "FEED ME! FEED ME NOW! NOW! FEED ME!" And it would go one like that for pages and pages. Maybe a picture of a mouse. Disemboweled. Which would be too graphic for the younger readers.

Then I considered writing one from the point of view of my former kitty Hollie. Hers would include lots of pictures of herself and would perhaps be a bit like reading something written from the perspective of Paris Hilton, but with less alcohol. "Today I napped until noon, then had a nip from the water dish my human kindly filled this morning. Not exactly Perrier, but bless her heart, she really does try. I think maybe after I take a nap I'll leave a present on her freshly-laundered white comforter (though my white fur is ever so much brighter than that comforter. Really, have you ever heard of bleach, darling?). And then I'll purrrrrrrrrrr. Ooo, that has a nice ring to it! Purrrrrrrrrrrr. Oh, I could do that all day. Purrrrrrrrr."

Tee hee. :)

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