Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Brilliant Idea #7 - dressing up a lamp shade

I have next to my bed a rather plain white lamp with a white shade. I had seen in Lowe's a lamp with beads wound around the shade and thought it looked rather pretty, and I decided I could do that with the lamp I had at home. So I went into my bead box and pulled out some skinny wire that I had intended to use to make bracelets with, but which turned out to be too fragile to use in jewelry. I thought it would work very well on a lamp shade. I gathered some beads and placed the wire loosely on the shade, kind of kinked in placed to hold the beads stationary. The shade is too thick for the light to accent the beads properly, but when the lamp if turned off the beads show up well and make the shade look more interesting.

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