Tuesday, January 1, 2008


In the Demented Debacle of December 2006 almost my entire winter wardrobe was chopped and bleached. This meant all my wonderful sweatshirts collected through the years were destroyed. And I was angry, because many of them were purchased as souvenirs from trips I had taken with friends and family and represented memories I wanted to keep!

In my attic, there was sort of a playroom feel left from the previous owners, who obviously had children. Blue shag carpet and gym equipment (a trapeze!) inspired me to make the room into a play room of my own, including lava lamps, a fur-trimmed phone and clock, and lots and lots of throw pillows.

My mother had suggested having a cleansing party and having friends and family over to help me clean up the mess that was left behind, as well as clean out all the bad energy! I thought this was a brilliant idea and people were keen to help, but not everyone could come. One of the people who was not able to make it on the date of the party was Sandy, and she wanted to do something else to help instead.

And so I was inspired!

I asked Sandy if she could take the chopped up sweatshirts and salvage the parts that could be salvaged and make them into throw pillows for my attic! That way, I would still be able to keep all the memories, would bolster (so to speak) my pillow collection, and Sandy would not be left out of the cleansing! I thought it was ingenius. :) Of course, it turned out to be quite a bit of work for Sandy to sew all those pillows, but they turned out great. Thank you!!!!!

My Scotland (one of my favorites) sweatshirt and a Warner Brother's and Port Huron long-sleeved t.

The Pittsburgh Panthers sweatshirt my host family bought for me my freshman year of college when the wind ensemble went on tour. Also the Rainforest Cafe sweatshirt I bought in San Fransisco when I was there with Chelle visiting Jan, and a Warner Brother's denim shirt.

One of my all-time favorite shirts, the tie-dye t-shirt in blues and greens and purples, along with an Express sweatshirt I bought when I used to work at the mall.

The entire pillow alcove area. A very cool space!

These are a clock and phone I decorated to go with the decor in the attic fun room. :) I had to put them in someplace. :)

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