Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Brilliant Idea #1 - bracelet

So Chelle sent me her updated wish list and on it was a bracelet from the Sundance catalog that cost like $1200. I thought that was pretty funny of her, but I got this idea that I could make a knock-off bracelet for lots less, so I took the picture from the catalog and went to a couple of local bead stores - Home Grown, Beadrageous, and The Bead Source - and bought some pieces resembling the cut and color and general feel of the beads in the original. I used silver wire instead of copper, to match other pieces of jewelry, and made the bracelet. It turned out so well that I brought it in to work when I finished it to show it off and I had a couple of people indicate they wouldn't mind having one, so for Christmas I made one for Alex, Judy, Sandy, and Charlene. Here are pictures!

Alex said she liked real stones, like jasper and jade and turquoise, so hers are all those sorts of stones. Next is Sandys; she wanted green and red and brown. For Judy and Charlene I just picked some different stones I liked and mixed colors and shapes. I think they turned out very nice!

Here is the original:

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