Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Brilliant idea #3 – rubber ducky bathroom!!!!!

I have a thing for rubber duckies. I can’t explain it. Through the years I collected various rubber ducky items and planned to someday have a bathroom built in the basement where I could display all my items.

Then there was the Demented Debacle of December 2006 wherein many of my earthly possessions were either chopped, bleached, or taken by Moron in a stunning display of How to Look Like a Crazy Person. Luckily, my duckies survived, tucked safely in a box under the basement stairs.

And it came upon me that life is too short and I may never have an actual bathroom in the basement, but there is a toilet throne and a sink, which will suffice for now. Introduce Rubber Ducky Collection to dark basement corner. Everyone lived happily ever after.

1 comment:

Matthew said...

Awwww...very cute! That makes that bathroom look so inviting. You should get a toilet seat that quacks when you sit on it and when you get up off the toilet...HA HA HA!!