Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Kingdom of Talossa

The Kingdom of Talossa

The day after Christmas in 1979, a 13-year old high school student in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, declared his bedroom to be an independent sovereign state, the Kingdom of Talossa. The kingdom has grown considerably since then and now consists of a 13-square kilometer portion of East Milwaukee. So far, the U.S. government has not disputed Talossa’s claim to this land. In 1985 the country’s founder was elected king, abdicated in 1987, and became king again in 1988. The head of the Progressive Conservative Party is Michael Pope and Chris Gruber is prime minister.

The Kingdom of Talossa has claimed to be descended from North African Berbers and have their own language as well as “Talossan English.” The Talossan government has a foreign affairs policy and in 1980 defeated the Glib Room Empire, which surrendered and signed a peace treaty.

The Kingdom of Talossa has claimed a chunk of Antartica (which they call Pengopats) as a colony because no other nation has ever claimed it. Part of their colony off the coast of Brittany was occupied by French troops and placed under barbed wire. Because of deficiencies in French barbed-wire technology, the Talossan prime minister at the time liberated part of the French-occupied zone and had a picnic.

If you’re really interested in the Kingdom of Talossa, it offers dual citizenship. You can become a Talossan and still retain your U.S. citizenship.`talossa/index.html

Also taken from the book Do Fish Drink Water?

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